How I Plan My Vacation?

Do you already make a plan for your vacation?
Maybe you’re still uncertain about your vacation, then let me give some advice for you. I hope this article will help your uncertainity.

  1. Do you like beaches or Mountains?
    Usually, this is 2 options we need to choose before going somewhere. The distance between the mountain and the beach is quite far. Either mountains or beaches have their characteristics. a mountain with a plateau, a cool climate and a green atmosphere that is soothing to the eye. a beach with a distinctive fragrance, a stretch of beach stretches, a beautiful sea horizon accompanied by the sound of refreshing waves. If you have uncertainity with those 2 options, Bali will provide it for you. If you like mountain or if you prefer the beaches. Bali have them both for you. So, it is a good opportunity and also good experience for you and your beloved if you want to spend time in the beaches or in the mountains. To have your experience more memorable, we, Joy Bali Travel will ensure your vacation will full of Joy.
  2. Want to Try Something New?
    If you don’t like to spend your day off just to waste and want to do something new on your vacation too. Joy Bali Travel ready to assist you. We provide the itinerary for Bali Travel which have an amazing class like pottery class, silver jewerly making class, cooking class, surfing class, taste an authentic food of Bali, the best and expensive coffee in the world, try the best food in the world and many else. We ensure your time, your vacation won’t be in waste. We will bring you joy to the fullest.
  3. Want to learn a new culture?
    If you like to meet with many person with different culture. Bali will be your choice, Joy Bali Travel will ensure you learn many new culture. Joy Bali Travel will ensure you to learn about Balinese culture, Indonesian culture, you can try using Balinese traditional clothes, see the beauty of Bali. Panglipuran Village will be one of your destination in Bali Travel because Panglipuran is one of the traditional Balinese Village with unique culture and architecture.
  4. Having leisure time with nature
    If you want to have leisure time along with nature, thankful with God’s creation or take some time to solitude and be friend with nature. Joy Bali Travel have plan for you to accommodate your wish. We have plan for you, so while you enjoy this Bali Travel to the fullest. You’ll get leisure time in one of the best resort in Bali, along with nature. You feel the nature inside you and you’re inside the nature. Joy Bali Travel as your travel buddy will ensure you won’t be bored, even if you want having leisure time. It will a great opportunity, a great time and also a great memorable journey for you and your beloved to have one of the best time.when you spent time in Bali Travel.
  5. Travel with Child or Elderly?
    If we travel with child or elderly, it will be a great consideration for us because the limited access due to some circumstances. Joy Bali Travel will ensure your need with that condition. We can provide 24/7 or at travel time nurse or care taker assitance for your beloved. We also ensure you’ll get the best treatment that suitable for you, for your child or your parents. There are no wasted time or zero experience for your family. If your consideration because your child or your parents.

Bali provide so many places, even from under the water till high in the mountain. Bali located at 8 degrees south of equator, live with tropical climate, warm and humid all year. There are so many places as a favourite destination, for you to have solitude, spend with love in the air with your beloved or having fun with your family. Bali provide best dive spots like at Menjangan island, along with reef flat, anchor wreck, eel garden, caves.

Bali always have an activity for those whom seek adventureous journey. Surfing, rafting, diving and many more activities to pump your adrenalin. Bali have your back for this kind of activities, or if you want to find less adventureous there are also acitvity like waterboom, hiking the mountain. Not only the adventureous activities, but also alongside very beautiful scenery in every step you take.

One thing you can exclude also the food. Bali have rich and fascinating traditional recipes. So many distinctive cuisine that will comfort your taste. Challenge yourself with Balinese traditional food, try the Balinese spice and herbs, drink local tuwak, enjoy the most expensive coffee in the world and many more. When you try to find something or still uncertain, Joy Bali Travel will be there to answer your question. Don’t be shy to consult anything, anytime, see us, Joy Bali Travel as one of your travel buddies that’ll help you in all you need.

It’s time for you to enjoy the experience in Bali. We, Joy Bali Travel will provide you the best experience in Bali. We’re commited to bring you joy while you’re in Bali then make this journey of yours become one of your memorable memories. So, how I plan my vacation? Bali will be one of your recommended place to go, and make sure you get the best itinerary from Joy Bali Travel. Make sure you have your joy to the fullest, make yourself have the best moment when travel in Bali.

How long you want to spend your vacation? Trust me, even you’ve spent one month in Bali, there won’t be enough and there are still plenty of something you need to do. When you travel to Bali, make sure to you have your solitude here and be the best version of yourself. Just like spend your time to eat, pray and love. Love with Bali, it’s culture, food, scenery, people and also with yourself.

We’re Joy Bali Travel, always ready for you whenever you need. Just contact us through our website, instagram or contact through our whatsapp in +6281138882555.

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